Montreal, Quebec – March 28, 2013

On the March 28th episode of Dollars and Sense on CJAD 800 AM, Certified Financial Planner Matt C. Altro and legal expert David A. Altro presented listeners with The 10 Things To Do Before You Buy.

While taking live caller questions on the topics of selling US property to one’s kids and how to report rental income, this Top 10 List was explored in detail and discussed by our experts:

10 Things To Do Before You Buy
1. Protect … against probate
2. Review … the contract
3. Learn … the alphabet
4. Calculate … US estate tax
5. Minimize … double tax
6. Top-up … your RRSP
7. Create … the optimal ownership structure
8. Plan … your departure strategy
9. Limit … liability
10. Remember … to protect yourself for incapacity

The list above relates to various topics of discussion including capital gains tax, probate, incapacity, cross border trusts, US estate tax, liability, double taxation and many more.

To listen to the whole show, simply click on the audio players below.

Part 1 (Protect and Review)

Part 2 (Learn, Calculate and Minimize)

Part 3 (Top-up)

Part 4 (Create, Plan, Limit and Remember)