On the April episode of Ask the Experts on Newstalk1010, Managing Partner David A. Altro and Partner & Chief Operating Officer Matt C. Altro presented listeners with The Altro Levy Bucket List: 10 Things To Do Before You Die.

During this special edition of the show, Host Iain Grant went through the Altro Levy Bucket List with our experts while taking live caller questions on the topics of the number of days one can spend in the US, ownership structures such as Canadian Companies and Trusts, and tax based on residency or citizenship. The “10 Things” that made the list are found below:

The Altro Levy Bucket List: 10 Things To Do Before You Die
1. Freeze … Do an estate freeze
2. Transfer … US property out of your name
3. Count … your days in the US
4. Eliminate … US estate tax as a Canadian buying in the US
5. Divide … your estate into two wills
6. Protect … your heirs from future creditors or divorcing spouses
7. Withdraw … your RRSPs
8. Split … Do some income splitting
9. Buy … an international insurance plan
10. Minimize … US estate tax as an American living in Canada

The list above relates to various topics of discussion including capital gains tax, probate, incapacity, US immigration, US income tax, Ontario probate planning, cross border trusts, US estate tax, and many more.

Listen to the program below and don’t forget to tune in to the show the first Saturday of every month at 5 PM EST on Newstalk1010.

Part 1 (Freeze, Transfer and Count)

Part 2 (Eliminate)

Part 3 (Caller Questions)

Part 4 (Divide, Protect and Withdraw)

Part 5 (Split)

Part 6 (Buy and Minimize)