Over the past weeks, our team has noted interesting cross-border news stories and written blogs on current cross-border topics. We’ve shared these articles on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, but recap them for you here:

    1. “U.S. Housing Stability Improves for Third Consecutive Month”
    Jan. 28, CNN Money
    2. “Listen to CJAD 800’s January 2015 Dollars & Sense Radio Show on cross-border issues with David A. Altro & Matt C. Altro”
    Jan. 29, Altro Levy LLP
    3. “Tim Hortons-Burger King merger serves big order of cross-border controversy”
    Feb. 1, theguardian
    4. “Obama Wants to Tap Overseas Earnings”
    Feb. 2, CFO.com
    5. “Tax Law Update: February 2015 – Fifth Circuit affirms district court ruling that imposed personal liability on donees for gift tax plus interest”
    Feb. 2, WealthManagement.com
    6. “Shlomi Steve Levy Featured in Le Magazine Snowbirds du Québec
    Feb. 4, Altro Levy LLP
    7. Altro Levy Quarterly Newsletter
    Feb. 5 Altro Levy LLP
    8. “Obama’s Tax Proposals: Raise Taxes for the Rich, Aid the Middle-Class”
    Feb. 5, MCA Cross Border Advisors Inc.

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