About Altro Levy LLP

Our Profile

Founded in 1988, our industry leading law firm provides sophisticated cross border and domestic tax, estate planning and real estate legal services to high net-worth individuals. With officesin Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Florida and Arizona we are located to service all Canadians who wish to enjoy a cross-border lifestyle. Our firm regularly represents Canadians who have U.S. assets, Canadians with adult children in the U.S., Canadians moving to the U.S., as well as Americans in Canada. We work together with investment advisors, accountants, attorneys, wealth managers and other professionals to develop and implement the best possible tax and estate plan for the client.

Unique Offering

Cross-border issues require legal expertise from both sides of the border. This would typically require the involvement of two law firms. At Altro Levy, we have both Canadian and US attorneys and notaries on our team to best guide you and implement an appropriate plan in accordance with the laws of the relevant jurisdictions.

Our Process

When working with our clients, we employ a three-phased approach:

Phase 1: Analyze

At Altro Levy, we take a holistic approach to addressing your tax and estate planning situation. In order to determine the optimal solution for you and your family, it is important that we understand your objectives, listen to your concerns as well as analyze your personal, financial, tax and legal information.

Phase 2: Recommend

We clearly and carefully explain the legal issues that need to be addressed followed by our recommendations to improve your situation. Our recommendations are focused on minimizing tax and ensuring your estate planning is structured to reflect your wishes while reducing your stress. At each phase it is important to us that we set clear expectations to ensure our clients are comfortable moving into the next phase. That is why with each recommendation we discuss the timeline and fees associated with implementation.

Phase 3: Implement

At Altro Levy, our team is made up of both Canadian and U.S. attorneys. Our cross border expertise creates a competitive advantage which enables us to implement the solutions that we recommend. Our people, processes and systems have been engineered to work together to deliver superior legal documents while providing an excellent client experience.