Our Team


David A. Altro Managing Partner, Florida Attorney, Canadian Legal Advisor & Quebec Notary
B.A., LL.L., J.D., D.D.N., F. Pl., TEP
Email: daltro@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 416-477-8150
Shlomi Steve Levy Partner, Quebec Lawyer & Canadian Legal Advisor
B.A., LL.B., J.D., TEP
Email: slevy@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8070
Matt C. Altro Partner, Chief Operating Officer
B. Comm., F. Pl., CFP® (CAN), CFP® (US)
Email: maltro@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8062 / 416-477-8152
Bonnie L. Altro Partner, New York & Ontario Attorney
B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.
Email: baltro@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 416-477-8151


Jason S. Ansel Associate, Ontario & Quebec Lawyer
B. Comm., LL.L., J.D.
Email: jansel@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 416-477-8153
Antoine Brosseau Wery Associate, Quebec & New York Attorney
LL.B., J.D.
Email: awery@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8061
Heela Donsky Associate, Ontario Lawyer
B.A., J.D.
Email: hdonsky@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 416-477-8156
Leanne Milech Associate, Ontario Lawyer
B.A., LL.B.
Email: lmilech@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 416-477-8159
Samantha Y.F. Wu Associate, Ontario & New York Attorney
B.A., J.D.
Email: swu@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 416-477-8157

Of Counsel

Jonah Z. Spiegelman Of Counsel
British Columbia, Alberta & California Attorney

B.Sc., M.A., J.D.
Email: jonah.spiegelman@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 1-800-370-4860
Jeffrey Feinberg Of Counsel
Florida Attorney

B.A., J.D.
Email: jfeinberg@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 1-800-370-4860

Special Counsel

James W. Dunphy, Special Counsel, Alberta Lawyer
Email: jdunphy@dunphyllp.ca
Telephone: 1-800-370-4860


Meghan Clavel, Human Resources Manager
Email: mclavel@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 416-477-8162
John Duong, Graphic Designer
Email: jduong@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8000
Daniel Lallouz, Director of Technology
Email: dlallouz@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8000
Claudine Nowocien, Paralegal
Email: cnowocien@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8064
Melissa Sacratini, Receptionist
Email: msacratini@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8000
Stéphanie Tessier, Paralegal
Email: stessier@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8069
Elena Trigiani, Marketing Coordinator
Email: etrigiani@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8065
Paula Zhang, Accountant
Email: pzhang@altrolevy.com
Telephone: 514-940-8073