Working at Altro Levy LLP

At Altro Levy LLP we recognize that every team member adds value to our practice. We offer a working environment that is exciting and fast-paced. We encourage self-motivated learning and professional development. Our firm culture encourages our professionals to be interested in business development initiatives. Our values demonstrate that team members are not only to be evaluated on billable hours but other contributions to the Firm’s practice.

Though our Firm has office locations throughout Canada and the U.S., we operate as one Firm. Our Firm culture is team oriented, where teammates are encouraged to communicate openly and work together within a positive and professional environment. We place high value on exceeding the needs of our clients. As part of our full orientation program we give new team members the tools they need to demonstrate that client needs are a top priority and that our culture is centered on the needs of our clients. We offer training to team members that places a focus on hands-on training, exposing professionals to client files and interacting with clients within the first week. Our hands-on environment requires a team of dedicated and self-motivated learners. The Firm also holds monthly professional development workshops centered around substantive legal skill building and holds firm-wide meetings geared at growing practice management skills.

In addition to putting a top priority on our clients’ needs we also strive to recognize the needs of our team. We understand that team members have many considerations beyond work: family, education, fitness, community involvement, etc. To exceed the needs of our clients our team needs to be consistently at is best. To achieve optimum results, we recognize the needs of our team by offering competitive compensation, group insurance benefits, vacation packages and flexible work hours.

Current Opportunities:

There are no current openings at Altro Levy. However, we would be pleased to receive your resume for future consideration in the event that a position suited to your skill-set becomes available. If you think you would be a good fit with our Firm we encourage you to submit your resume to our Human Resources department.

Contact: Human Resources,