Radio Show – September 27, 2011

Montreal, Quebec – September 27, 2011

On the September 27th episode of Dollars and Sense on CJAD 800 AM, host, Matt Altro and legal expert David A. Altro discuss David’s new book, Owning U.S. Property – The Canadian Way, the new U.S. estate tax laws, moving to the U.S. and take questions from listeners live on the air!

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David A. Altro featured in the Winnipeg Free Press

David was interviewed for the Personal Finance section of the Winnipeg Free Press by Joel Schlesinger.

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Arizona bound: Canadians snapping up homes, but they need to be careful

Winnipeg Free Press
September 24, 2011

Jim Ballance had always dreamed about owning a place down south when he retired, but the price tags had always been too high.

“We had been going down there for about 20 years, and all those properties kept going up and up,” says the 61-year-old retiree.

Prices increased by about 20 per cent a year until about 2006, when Ballance says he noticed they began to level off.

With the Canadian dollar at par with the U.S. greenback, he decided to strike while the conditions were right, buying a 2,400-square-foot condo in Palm Desert, Calif. Read the rest of this entry »

David A. Altro Published in STEP Journal – September 2011

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Southern Comfort – David A. Altro considers the advantages and disadvantages for Canadians holding Florida rental properties in a limited liability partnership

When a Canadian citizen residing in Canada buys rental property in Florida in an LLP, the structure will provide creditor protection to the individual. For example, if ‘Bob’ and ‘Mary’, his wife, (Canadian citizens residing in Canada) purchase a condo in Florida in an LLP, the LLP is the owner of the rental property and Bob and Mary are the partners in the LLP. Should the tenant of the rental property slip and fall then sue for damages, the LLP is sued as the owner of the property but Bob and Mary are creditor protected personally. Read the rest of this entry »

David A. Altro interviewed by

David was interviewed by Joseph Planta for, the online home of Planta’s interviews with “renowned bestselling and prize winning authors, Canadian newsmakers and political figures, internationally known print and broadcast journalists, prominent academics and public intellectuals, as well as noted artists and personalities.”

He describes the state of the U.S. real estate market and why there are so many opportunities for Canadians today. He explains the Cross Border Trust in detail and lists its advantages. David also talks about the upcoming changes in the U.S. tax laws and what they could mean for Canadians who own or are looking to purchase property in the U.S.

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David A. Altro interviewed on CBC radio

David was a guest on CBC Winnipeg’s Up to Speed with Larry Updike in September.

Listen below as David discuss the “perfect storm” of advantages for Canadians looking to buy property in the U.S. as well as potential pitfalls such as U.S. estate tax, ownership structures, succession planning and more!

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Radio Show – August 25, 2011

Montreal, Quebec – August 25, 2011

On the August 25th episode of Dollars and Sense on CJAD 800 AM, host, Matt Altro and legal expert David A. Altro discuss why now is the time to buy property in the U.S., the difference between U.S. and Canadian tax laws, and much more!

In part 2, David tells listeners some disadvantages of holding a property in a corporation and explains the U.S. amnesty program. Nick calls in about owning a property in Florida and what problems he may encounter in the future. David explains to Eleanor, a U.S. citizen living in Canada, the forms she must file to avoid potential tax problems.

In part 3, Matt and David talk about changes to the U.S. estate tax laws and explain two questions everyone must ask themselves concerning U.S. estate tax exposure. You can calculate your own U.S. estate tax exposure here.

In part 4, David talks about the launch of his new book, Owning U.S. Property – The Canadian Way, 2nd Edition, and Marco calls in to ask about holding properties in a corporation vs. in a Cross Border Trust. Finally, Matt explains the major issues concerning moving to the U.S. that Canadians need to be aware of, as well as some options to explore for getting a green card.

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David A. Altro Interviewed in The Montreal Gazette – Monday, August 29, 2011

New U.S. property tax rules hit home

David A. Altro is a frequent contributor to Paul Delean’s business column in the Montreal Gazette.

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The Gazette
Monday, August 29, 2011

A strong loonie and depressed U.S. real estate prices have led to a buying binge south of the border by Canadians. We’re now the largest non-American buyers of U.S. real estate. Many purchasers, however, have only a vague idea of what they’ve committed to from a tax and legal standpoint.

“There’s a presumption among people that the laws must be the same in the U.S. and Canada. A lot find out otherwise only after they buy,” said David Altro, a Montreal lawyer who also practices in the United States.

Altro, who specializes in cross-border tax, property and estate-planning issues, is the author of a 2009 guidebook titled Owning U.S. Property the Canadian Way. Read the rest of this entry »