Chapter 14: A Real Estate Primer – Part 1

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 14 of Owning U.S. Property – The Canadian Way, by David A. Altro.


Title Insurance

Title insurance is one of the differences between buying property in the U.S. vs. in Canada.
In Quebec, title insurance generally is not applicable for residential real estate and not used on an everyday basis. However, across the U.S., every purchaser and every bank that provides mortgage money requires title insurance. I deal with title companies in Florida, Arizona, Hawaii and Cal- ifornia on a regular basis.
What’s the purpose of title insurance? It protects the buyer from title problems that exist prior to closing on the purchase, but are not detected by the closing agent at the time of closing. Read the rest of this entry »

Radio Show – March 2, 2011

Montreal, Quebec – March 2, 2011

On this month’s live call-in show; Dollars and Sense on CJAD, host Matthew Altro discusses probate, ownership structures, cross border trusts, gift tax and more with cross border expert David A. Altro. Special guest Shant Epremian, an expert in Florida real estate for Canadians responds to caller’s questions and explains how and what to purchase in Florida right now.

Matthew and David then open up the lines to live callers. Sheila asked how to start the process of buying real estate in the U.S. Mike wanted to know more about short sales and Melissa wanted to know if single family homes or condos are a better buy in today’s U.S. market.

Listen below for answers to all these questions and more plus expert advice from the partners at Altro & Associates!

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It’s Time to Squash Crohn’s!

U.S. Estate Tax Calculator

We are pleased to announce that Altro & Associates returns as the championship court sponsor for the 4th annual Squash Crohn’s Tournament on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at Club CDL!

The annual event raises funds for Crohn’s and Colitis research. This year, the money raised will support The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation in order to contribute to the very important area of Pediatric IBD research and care.

The event was co-founded by our own Chief Operating Officer Matthew Altro, who will co-chair and participate in this year’s event.

Over the past three years, the event has raised almost $90,000 which has been distributed to various IBD research and care projects.

To further support this great cause, David Altro has chosen to ask for donations in lieu of payment for his book Owning U.S. Property – The Canadian Way . To order your copy today, please click here.

If you are interested in playing in the tournament or sponsoring a player, please visit the Squash Crohn’s website. Your donations are appreciated in support of this important cause!